Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming the Wild

Taming firsties doesn't have to be difficult. It does require patience, consistency, and BRIBERY!

I know that sounds awful, but I use my powers for good. I promise!

First, I make sure my sweeties learn our rituals, routines, and procedures for our classroom.  We practice, practice, practice. We make up 5 rules in my classroom. I only ever use 5. They wording is always a little different because we make them up together, but this is the general list.

1) Follow directions
2) Stay on task and let others do the same
3) Best behavior in areas outside the classroom
4) Respect others, self, and equipment
5) Keep your hands, feet, and body to yourself

I use this clip chart

Students only move their clips down when they do not follow these 5 rules. Just when I know everyone has a great understanding for our rules, rituals, routines, and procedures I introduce the pebble jar. 

I bought a jar from Michaels like this one
and some pebbles from Dollar Tree/Walmart like these 
My students are told that when they are caught being good aka other teachers brag about their behavior in the hallway, PE, library, etc. etc. They get pebbles in the jar. When the jar is full they get a class treat. Works like a CHARM! One year my class filled the jar 5 times! They vote on what kind of treat they get. It's usually very simple like popcorn, cupcakes, and so on.

My students love to fill the jar and my class is always one of the best behaved in school.  I highly recommend the clip chart and pebble jar for kiddies of all ages.