Monday, August 3, 2015

Assess Me Linky: Week 2 This or That

I love this linky. Time for WEEK 2!

I do enjoy skirts, but I love jeans! I wear them every Friday during the school year!
My ears do not like any metal. Everything itches. SO necklaces for me.
JZs (I graduated high school in 2001-memories...)
I'll mix silver and gold or just do one or the other. LOVE it!
I love the country. We have 80 acres (2 hrs away from our home in the city). We are outdoorsy people. We ride, shoot, camp, fish, and swim on it. No cell/internet service out there. It's nice to take breaks from technology.
I don't like to be bothered when I shop. Online ALL the way! Plus I always find promo codes to up the savings when I shop online. 
I have 3 kids (that always need something) so showers.
Something about my eyes. I'm an open book.
I'm homebody until I get stir crazy then I can't sit down.
Dinner. I love to cook it and I don't really care for breakfast foods.
I love white tea. I just quit coffee, but I still love it.
I stay up way to late and wake up too early. I wanna see it all.
Undone. I don't know why, but I can never look done up. Even when I try...
I am from a West Texas town that gets its fair share of thunder and lightning storms. It's home.
Flats b/c my classroom is too far from everywhere I need to be and I am a major klutz.
I love to travel so all 3.
I love Zooey Deschanel and see so much of my silly self in her character Jess.
I've been to NY but never to Central Park. SO I guess central air? LOL

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Currently

It's here. . . Our "Sunday Night" Month! I'm determined to get my BTS stuff done and STILL enjoy this sucker...

Time for my favorite .... Currently!

I've been re-watching Grey's so Rilo Kiley, Ingrid Michaelson, and Lenka have been on my iTunes. There's something easygoing and summery about their jams...

Today was one of the few lazy saturdays we've had this summer. They are few and far between...

I loved Farley's post. I have some great peeps in my boat. I just need to learn to lean on them and ask for help. I am such a control freak. I really need to learn to delegate. A goal this year for sure!

We aren't allowed back in yet. I am just itching to get my room ready to go. I have seen so many beautiful classrooms on IG. The next few weeks are going to fly and I am already having BTS nightmares. In the last one my room wasn't ready. It felt real y'all!

I am needing help! I need a new sitter and maid. My district has lots of half days and inservice days this year and my sitter is finishing college so she's too busy. I need help once a week tidying up and I am finally giving in and getting a maid once school starts. This is that delegating goal I was talking about. I am tired of wasting my weekends on cleaning and not with my babies... Cross your fingers I find great people to help me!

B2S RAK Ok I am going to sound like a copy cat but I have some goodies lined up for my ex team and my new team and buddies in other grade levels, but ESPECIALLY for some teachers that I think people tend to forget our coaches and librarian.

That's it sweet peeps. Link up with the Fabu Farley and follow the rule of 3!