Sunday, July 26, 2015

Assess Me: Week 1

I thought I'd try this new linky so you can get to know a little about me.

Sandy Contreras 07/26/15  

I don't always talk to myself. I do it mostly when I'm overwhelmed and having trouble organizing my thoughts... it helps! 

I grew up southern Baptist so no I'm not superstitious. I think they can be fun though. I'll eat black eyed peas for good luck on New Year's...

I don't pop/crack anything in my hands because my mom suffers from arthritis and I promised her I wouldn't mess with my hands.

I'm hardly hungry and have been known to skip meals. Sometimes I just get too busy...A bad habit I'm trying to break...

I'm Netflixin' today and working on some TPT products...

I had my wisdom teeth removed when we were stationed in Germany. I DO NOT recommend driving on the autobahn after any dental work. Thankfully I made it home to Baumholder from Landstuhl safe and sound.

I'm Netflixin' so no I haven't showered! Gross... I know...I can be pretty gross...

I've never been to Disney world/land but I have been to the store. Several times. One day, when the youngest is ready. 

I'm extremely blind. I alternate between glasses and contacts throughout the year.

I live in Texas, but not in the city I was born in or in the city I grew up in. 

So there you go! Rachel is one of my favorites to follow on IG! I'm excited to link up to her blog!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

TPT Challenge: Make Your Masterpiece

I know I'm slow to the party. I was actually working on something else for this challenge, but I got sidetracked with this project.

On my campus, administration wants us to post our objectives/student expectations somewhere visible in the classroom-like the front of the room-and they want them to be written in 80-100 pt font, in a font that is easy to read for students, AND written in kid-friendly language so the students can understand what they are learning.

So I like to hang my SEs at the front of the classroom on my white dry erase magnetic board. I usually handwrite them every Friday-bleh! {I've done the objective frames too.}

BUT, this year I wanted to make it easier on my self and just have them pre-typed, pre-printed, and ready to go! Plus I have tons of cute magnets. . .

So I started with my Science TEKs (because I live in Texas  and those are our State Standards) and created something that meets the needs of my classroom and my admin's expectations.

I hope you can use them in you classroom. I did black and white because I feel that doing so is giving you the option to use the colored paper you like without breaking the color ink bank. Each one includes the standard, subject, the objective in kid-friendly terms, the strand, and of course some Melonheadz goodness!

They are available here. Enjoy!