Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ten Things

Linking up with Deanna with my 10 things

I need to get healthy and summer is my time to get serious about it. . .

I plan on going to the pool A LOT with my loves. . .

The hubbs will drag us all over to camp and hike. It's easier on me now that we have an RV.  

 We'll get some fishing done. I actually LOVE going fishing!

I'll get to visit family and sing and dance with them. It gets pretty competitive!

I'll get to read for fun!

I'm going back to second grade and our Math TEKs have changed since I've been doing first so I'll be creating new second grade resources and hopefully uploading to TPT. 

I'll have time to complete some home DIY projects and start a few more before school starts again in August!

Link up and let us know what you'll be up to this summer.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday and a Special Announcement

I have been loading photos to IG almost daily and have neglected my blog. I am 9 days away from the last day of school and I'm so ready to hang out with my babies! Here's a roundup of this week's shenanigans.
The military has a special place in my heart. My class had a blast writing friendly letters. We wanted to include something small, but meaningful so we created these flags from our handprints. 
We are just days away from the last day of school and the kiddies can get off the chain. Enter GoNoodle. It's so nice to do a few energizing videos to get our sillies out and then a couple of calming ones to get us back to business. If you haven't used GoNoodle you need to start!
It's a sanity-saver!
We had field day this week. Yes, I am 30 years old and yes, I participated with my students. It was so fun! I especially like the water activities! Here's a photo I took from my place in line.
I love that so many of my littles came in reading a level 3 {or lower} and are now reading level 24 and above! Here are some of my readers during Daily 5. {Excuse my messy classroom!}
Reading miracles happen in first grade folks!
I got some news about my placement. {If you recall: I asked to go back to second and then started to feel sentimental about first so then I asked to stay in first, but I hadn't gotten any word on that.} I'm happy to announce that I will be looping up with my 26 firsties to SECOND GRADE! I love this class and I am excited I get to keep them for another school year! I know a few will be moving away or placed in other classes {it happens!}, but I am so excited to be their teacher again. I like that I already know what challenges lay ahead so I can do what I do best...plan ahead. 
We only have 9 days left and only 3 of those are real "instructional" days.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Linking up with Christina to the linky party Wordless Wednesday for the first time! 

Eating plant parts. Some of my firsties had never had some of these vegetables! 
I love teaching Science! 
I love to do something "artsy, fartsy" or edible for my firsties. 

What is your favorite subject to teach? 
How do you make the subject fun to teach/learn? 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Currently

It's that time again. Time to link up to my fave link party.
It's Farley's May Currently

Listening to The Little Mermaid because my youngest is all about the ocean these days and he wants to watch this film over and over. . .
At least the music is catchy.  

I'm loving all the progress my firsties have made. I was TPRI testing this week and my littles have come so far. When I think back {and cringe} to the BOY testing and compare it to how they can read now it just BLOWS my mindhole. Even my more reluctant readers kicked butt and took names!  

I'm thinking 25 days of school left and I have to admit I'm sad this school year has flown by so quickly. I'm ready for all the wacky summer adventures I'll get to experience with my 3 babies, but this class has been so special to me. . .

I'm wanting an answer! I'm still not sure about my placement next year. I was originally hired as a second grade teacher. I went down to first because I believed it would help me be a better second grade teacher. My intention has always been to go back. SO this year I asked to loop with my class and admin said yes! {in January} and I ADORE this class. BUT and there is a really big BUTT. . . I have been in first for a couple of years now and have realized something I never thought would happen. . .I {LOVE} first grade.  I think I will be of better use in first grade. So I asked to stay {in February} and they said they'd take it under consideration. . . (toe tapping)
There still hasn't been any word on that! {SIGH}

I'm needing to get organized! Have I mentioned there's only 25 days of school left??? Yeah and really we all know those 25 days are not REAL instructional days. Oh no, there are so many productions, projects, and parties to participate in! Puh-puh-please! It's about to get cray cray and I need to get a handle on my brain and ORGANIZE my brains out because as quickly as this school year was this month is going to go in a BLINK! 

So on to my surprise! 
I just love Lyndsey. And she has no clue who I am, but thats ok. I think that she is simply the BEST blogger and TPT creator. Her thoroughness and creativity far surpasses anyone out there. I think we have a similar teaching style and would love to teach with her on my first grade team. . . BUT she's all the way up in Maryland and I'm down here in Texas. . .WOMP. WOMP. 
Check out her blog and tpt store. You won't be disappointed. Tell her I sent ya! 
Link up peeps and don't forget the rule of 3!