Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday Made It

I decided to link up to Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics for my first ever Monday Made it! On a Tuesday because on Monday I was at work. . .

Anyway, I piddled around all summer {and I'm not even sorry!} but, now it's time to get serious. This week is prep time because next Monday I get to set up and organize my classroom. Yes, I said I "get to" because I actually love doing that.

DISCLAIMER: This idea came from my mom who {GASP} doesn't have a Pinterest account. Any resemblance to anyone else's pin or ideas is purely coincidental. Thank you. 

This is my first Monday Made it and I *LOVE* the way it turned out

Project #1-The foot stool

The stool had worn leather, but the cushion was still comfortable so my mom suggested I just cover it with fabric and put clear vinyl over it to protect the fabric.

Since I was going to cover the fabric I didn't bother getting a sturdy fabric. I wanted a low priced and solid colored fabric. I got the "medium" clear vinyl according to the lady who cut it for me. 

I chose these two colors for 2 reasons 1) these colors pop and 2) no matter what theme I have I will always use green and blue. (The green looks dark in this photo, but it is actually lime.)

I borrowed my hubbs' screwdriver to remove the 4 screws that attached the cushion to the stool. (Shhhh. . .don't tell him. I am notorious for leaving his tools anywhere, but where I found them!) That part was easy enough. 

 I had no idea how to put the fabric or the vinyl on the cushion.  So I fought with it for a LOOONG while, I FINALLY just folded the fabric and then the vinyl around the corners like I would with a flat sheet on a bed. . .then I stapled down like a mad woman!

 I used my desk stapler to staple both fabric and vinyl to the cushion part of the stool.  I know this is wrong and that there is a special stapler for this kind of work. I was just being resourceful and it actually held together pretty well. 

Lastly, I put the screws back in and VOILA! 

I like the way it turned out. This color will stand out in my classroom like a spotlight for my student of the week. This child will not have to sit criss cross on the carpet, but will get to use this special seat. 

What do you think? Don't forget to link up. I should really put up the screwdriver . . .