Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

Today is Tuesday! Classroom digs on linky party Teacher Week 2013. Yesterday was my first day in my classroom. Do you think my room is ready for viewing? 
Um. . .No, but I'm going to show it to you anyway! 
When you walk into my classroom the first thing you see is the East wall. See all that JUNK??? In my defense the last week of school I was told to take everything off the shelves and walls so a lot of it ended up on my counter and hanging bookshelves. But check out my floor. . . So shiny! 
Facing North this is what I saw. I got rid of the filing cabinet. The red thing in the middle is actually a boat shaped seat with storage in the seat. It's too bulky so I'm taking it home to my boys. The writing table is broken so out it went too! The black wonky pipe thingy is wear the TV/VCR used to hang. When I asked for it to be removed that is what they left. SERIOUSLY!?
The rest of my junk is behind those sliding doors in shelves, on the lower shelves, and in that closet. . . Oi Vey!
Another WTH moment for me is seeing that they painted my bathroom's outer walls, but look at my coat hooks??? UGH. . . Should I leave them be or fix it myself? That is the question. 

This is the south wall. I removed the cork boards to reveal my white magnetic boards. The TE before me did this. WHY? This past school year I let it be. I was more than ready to remove it. See the SMART board? I call it a DUMB board because it only worked 6 or 7 times the whole school year. Its off to our campus tech to be fixed. Fingers crossed it does. Those IKEA bags are full of more junk. I also removed that little shelf. No space for it. 
I went in at noon and left at 5 yesterday. I only got this (below) done. I blame my coworkers who needed my help moving furniture and they were chatting Me up. (wink, wink) 
Okay, I was totally chatting them up!
It doesn't look like much progress, but I went home BEAT!
FYI- My turquoise window curtains are from BIG LOTS $5 each! 

Today,  I was there from  9-6 and I wiped out and off everything. It's amazing how dirty everything gets. I got to see so many ants and spiders. BLEH! I worked on my bulletin boards, but I swear I kept redoing and adjusting everything. I didn't take any photos today because it isn't complete. 

I will post my big REVEAL above on my "Class Tour" tab VERY soon. 

I am loving what I see on all of these Class Tour posts. There are some AMAZING classrooms y'all!
Check them out and link up! We'd love to see yours!