Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

 I love Farley and her HILARIOUS blog. So excited she posted the latest CURRENTLY. . .

Y'all it's SEPTEMBER!  
I know I can't get over it either!

On with show. . .
Listening: To NOW 47, does anybody else remember the first NOW? Geez. . . That's all I'm going to say about that. There's a good variety on there. Can't say I love every single song though. . .

Loving: My Day Off. We need 4-day weeks peeps! Seriously, every Monday should be a holiday! 
Felt so nice to NOT have that Sunday night "returning to work tummy-ache." As if I would! I have 22 new firsties. 11 boys and 11 girls and they are AWESOME! 

Thinking: I need to get errands done. I piddled around Saturday and Sunday and now I need to get it together. Need to get my girl a belt because at my school second graders wear belts with their uniforms. Totally forgot! and I used to teach 2nd!  

My older two (I also have a 3 year old boy) look cuuuute in their uniforms, right?
Wanting: to buy books! I LOVE books and it's always #1 on my wish list at school. 
This year wish lists are getting fulfilled at my school and I got a PO burning in my pocketbook 
-BUT- Scholastic is closed for the holiday. Boo! 

Y'all I know I've just started blogging and I really LOVE it. Sadly, I hardly have any followers. 

Needing: some love y'all!

Instagram has the most . . .

I get repinned a lot, but I only have 15 followers on Pinterest . . .

And the saddest of all . . . 2 likes peeps! Hook a girl up! 
O.k. enough of the shameless begging. . .

#1-I need to spend more time with my own babies. I am so good at being at school and supporting all things school related, but my babies are growing up TOO fast and I feel like I'm missing out. I need them to be number one because feeling like a great mom makes my heart happy.  

#2-I need to hit the gym at least 16 times a month. I used to go 7 days a week, but I am aiming for 4 times a week this month and I'll try to build from there. I have TONS to lose and I am really hoping this is my year. I hit 30 this summer and although I'm not complaining this is not how I pictured myself at 30.

#3-I'm still mulling over uploading items to TPT. I have plenty to share, but I'm still scared of people thinking I ripped off their ideas or worst-nobody liking my stuff. I'm thinking if I get more followers to show some love I'll show some love by uploading this month!

Well that's it for me! Link up and let us know how your September is currently!