Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I've decided to link up with Cara Carroll for today's Throwback Thursday!

I do not have photos of my lessons to show you. Not one I thought you'd like to see anyway. BUT I do have some embarrassing photos if you'd like to see...

Top photo-circa 2001. My senior year in High School. I was able to go down to the Elementary School and help them with reading. I loved it of course. I have really wavy hair. The shorter it is the "poofier" it gets. lol This is me doing a read aloud with my tumbleweed hair to some sweet second graders. They're legally able to drink this year. . .

Middle photo-Prom of course! My Junior prom circa. 2000. I don't know what that pose was about??? Maybe I was trying to show off my guns?? My date wasn't there yet so this is where mom placed me. Thanks mom!

Bottom-Months after marrying my sweetheart @Ft. Stewart, GA circa 2002. He was in the U.S. Army and this was July sometime after a gunnery and poor guy had to live out in the woods in the fried hell heat. He usually isn't that tan. It's like looking at myself with a stranger. My hair is all fuzz from the humidity! #curlyhairproblems. Our only baby at the time. Zues our Jack Russell Terrier. SMARTEST . DOG . EVER.

I thought you could use a good laugh.