Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday. . .Saturday Edition

Time to link up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 

So here's what's been going on in my neck of the woods . . . 

Monday was 16 de septiembre, Mexico's Independence Day. Since we are in a border city and a majority of our school population is of Mexican descent, we celebrated their heritage with the bilingual program. Check out the goodies and a couple of my cuties! 
Tuesday was Constitution Day and my kids loved learning about the Constitution. We had help! 
We took it old school . . .

I'm always amazed when littles see old cartoons like this and LOVE it just as much as I did as a kid.
We also subtracted, but first we had to learn a song just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19th). . .

Too cute right? My kids love it. I love using music and movement to get my little firsties excited about math. I need to make a math songbook using the songs we sing during our calendar math morning warm up time and offer it as a freebie to you (making a mental note of that). It really helps get our day started and I wouldn't want to start my day any other way. I loved that I heard it sung by my littles during the day all week.

I also won an incredible resource from Teach123. I am so excited to use this with my littles.

Friday we had a school day out for the kids and professional development day for teachers. Remember I said I'm team leader this year? Guess what I got . . .
Finally, a perk for my new role. It's a chrome book. I'm going to play with it all weekend to figure this bad boy out. If anyone has any experience do share!

And lastly, remember that P.O. I've had for WEEKS. . . I finally got to use it! I'm labeling them now with levels and AR and what not.

That's it for me. Off to play with my kiddies and my new toy. I am totally grateful for my 24 firsties and another great week for the books. Happy World Gratitude Day to all of you! Happy Weekend folks!