Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday (Dec. 6th)

So I admit. Sunday night I was in no way ready to return to school. 
The week had went by in a blink! I was out for 5 glorious days. 
I did ZERO teacher related things on my break. It was AMAZING!

To my surprise I had the BEST first week back. EVER. 
5 days down and 10 more to go until Christmas Break. WOOT! WOOT!

My Monday was awesome. I got to get some really awesome CYBER Monday deals. I won't bore you with what I bought my home or my kids. This is what I had to have from the TPT sale :D

 Like a lot of you my Social Studies curriculum calls for some Holiday and Traditions learning and I've had my eye on this since Ms. Kuster put it in her shop on tpt. Check it out! 
I also adore all things from Graphics from the Pond. So I had to get these items. 

I swear if I ever win the lotto I will buy everything from Mel's tpt stores. Her graphics and products are too cute! 

Guilty. I really was expecting my students to be off the chain, but those little sweeties suprised me. I was ready to pull out all my tricks to help curb their behavior, but there was no need. Other teachers were just going on and on about how her their students acting like it was a full moon or being already too excited for Christmas. I am so flippin' proud of my 25 firsties. 
They really are the bomb diggity!

We learned about main idea and how to search for details. We made paper plate snowmen and wrote a How to Build a Snowman. We represented numbers to 60. We learned how technology has changed and used timelines. We continued our weather unit and made rain gauges (and it acutally rained)! My firsties totally rocked everything. To top it all off, I benchmarked most of my students reading levels and so many of my firsties are reading J, K,L, M. . . 
We were so busy learning and having fun I have ZERO photos to share! 

I know I am just awful! I need to post photos because their work is getting so CUUUTE and my lil' friends handwriting is looking so much better these days too!  

This happens sometimes. I swear they are doing so much better to stay on task and not do this. This week someone came to my classroom. He just walked right in. He had an iPad in his hands and an official looking badge so I went right on teaching. I figured he was doing a walk through and my admin was fully aware of it. They have a tendency of sending people my way and I've just decided to go with it. 
*SCARY PART* Later, I learn he did not have permission to observe my class and that he was someone from another school district! Apparently, he had been visiting other schools in the area without permission as well! The secretaries now have to be more thorough when issuing vistor's passes. . .
Lastly, I have ZERO voice. No, I'm not sick. I sang all week with 4 of our first grade sections (92 kids) to help us prepare for the our annual Winter Production. We will sing "Up on the Housetop" and "All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth". Acapella. I led the students and we sang over and over. Good news is they got the words down and the moves we came up with. 
They are adorable and I just know their parents will love the production. 

That's it for me. Stop back by so you can see when I update with photos!