Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

So I have been a baaaaad blogger lately. I've had some family stuff come up and decided to take a little break from the bloggy world to spend more time with my babies. It has been WONDERFUL. I highly recommend it! So I'm linking up with Farley to catch you up. 

I love Home Alone and I'll watch it over and over all month long. Fun movies like this help me keep merry and bright during the Christmas season. 

I have loved being home all week. Confession #987,789: I have not worked on anything school related (besides pinning on Pinterest. . .he he he) since last Friday. I am so proud of myself. My time has been devoted to my kiddies and I feel awesome about that. 

Back to reality tomorrow, but I'm not sad about it. As Farley would say, I {PUFFY} heart this group of firsties. 

I'm looking forward to making the next 3 weeks magical and as Christmas-y as possible. I really want them to feel like they had an awesome time learning before our Christmas break. 

To get the next 3 weeks to reach AWESOMENESS I'll need to prep the fun stuff. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I'll be sharing with y'all soon!

I live 6 hours away from my siblings and parents who all live near each other. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with them. My ALL TIME favorite tradition is singing with my sisters. I'm not bragging, but when we sing together it sounds AMAZING. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. Brother doesn't usually sing with us, but his wife will. I can't wait! 

That's it for me! Link up with Farley