Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

I'm here! Well, I am up late grading because tomorrow I need to verify grades for the last time this school year! CUE the MUSIC...

I'm listening to Friends because it keeps me awake.

I'm loving that this is the last week of school. I will miss my second graders. They were the best class ever! It's just time for a change and I'm ready to be FIERCE in FIRST again.

I am wanting packing fairies because I still have loads to pack and move to my new classroom. We do full pack up. I'm moving down the hallway...

I'm needing sleep. I was up all last night with a bellyache and tonight with grading. Old habits die hard I guess.

My summer loving will be all the activities and camps my kids are signed up for, spending time with the pups we rescued a couple of weeks ago, and getting some DIY projects done. I love having time in the summer!

That's it. Link up and don't forget the rule of 3!