Monday, June 30, 2014

July Currently

I'm listening to my soon to be second grader and third grader read to their soon to be pre-k little brother. They read really well and they're going through the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series pretty fast. I'm loving all the giggling. They make my heart happy. 

I'm loving all the family time we are spending together. June was a really good month for summer activities and I can't wait to do more with my family this month.

I'm thinking there is still more to do before summer is over. I know there is almost no time during the school year so I really need to organize my plan and get to it. Lots of DIY things to get done.

I'm really overweight. . . Anywho, I finally talked the hubbs into helping me develop a meal plan and workout plan and it has been AWESOME. I am losing weight like crazy and I feel more active and happy than I have in a LOOONG time. I am just needing to stick to the routine so I can continue to feel this great and eventually get to a weight that I'm happy with. 

My soon to be second grader is turning 7 on July 3rd so after we do some birthday stuff with him we will be celebrating the 4th with family, some yummy Texas BBQ, and fireworks. My hometown does a really small fireworks display and have a few local bands play. 

Can't wait to check out your July Currently. Link up and don't forget the rule of 3.