Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday and a Special Announcement

I have been loading photos to IG almost daily and have neglected my blog. I am 9 days away from the last day of school and I'm so ready to hang out with my babies! Here's a roundup of this week's shenanigans.
The military has a special place in my heart. My class had a blast writing friendly letters. We wanted to include something small, but meaningful so we created these flags from our handprints. 
We are just days away from the last day of school and the kiddies can get off the chain. Enter GoNoodle. It's so nice to do a few energizing videos to get our sillies out and then a couple of calming ones to get us back to business. If you haven't used GoNoodle you need to start!
It's a sanity-saver!
We had field day this week. Yes, I am 30 years old and yes, I participated with my students. It was so fun! I especially like the water activities! Here's a photo I took from my place in line.
I love that so many of my littles came in reading a level 3 {or lower} and are now reading level 24 and above! Here are some of my readers during Daily 5. {Excuse my messy classroom!}
Reading miracles happen in first grade folks!
I got some news about my placement. {If you recall: I asked to go back to second and then started to feel sentimental about first so then I asked to stay in first, but I hadn't gotten any word on that.} I'm happy to announce that I will be looping up with my 26 firsties to SECOND GRADE! I love this class and I am excited I get to keep them for another school year! I know a few will be moving away or placed in other classes {it happens!}, but I am so excited to be their teacher again. I like that I already know what challenges lay ahead so I can do what I do best...plan ahead. 
We only have 9 days left and only 3 of those are real "instructional" days.