Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slim Down Saturday

I thought I'd try something new this week and link up with Third Grade tidbits for
Here it goes peeps!
I am very unhealthy...there I said it and it's very hard to admit. I can't blame anyone but myself. I've made a lot of bad choices when it comes to food and exercise. Every year my New Year's Resolution is to lose weight. I either end up staying the same weight or gaining. I know I need to make major changes. I know  I need to stop talking about it and just do it.
I decided to link up with these ladies to help keep me accountable.
I have tons to lose. But I want to focus on small goals so I don't overwhelm myself with my total goal. I have lost 5lbs. since I've started trying about 2 weeks ago. I'm taking baby steps so these changes become life changes. I have a habit of going full throttle for 3 months and then giving up. I'm just giving a little gas this time in hopes of keeping steady.
I really don't know how much I lost this week if any because my scale's battery lost its juice. I do feel my pants and tops feeling a little less snug and in my book that is a WIN! Prepping my lunch and dinner meals last Sunday really helped me stay on track.
This week I had 0 energy drinks at all! This is a major step for me because I'd down 2 and sometimes 3 sugary energy drinks a DAY! Plus I've had 0 sodas! Yay me!
I usually drink plenty of water but I didn't do so well this week. My goal for this week is to drink a gallon a day. I went and got some fruits and veggies to help me flavor the water so I don't reach for sodas.
Another goal for the week is to have snacks ready for me afterschool. I'm trying to stay away from processed junk so I need to have some healthy snacks handy.
My word is patience. I didn't gain all this weight overnight and I need to be patient with myself so I can finally get it ALL off once and for all.